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JETCO Medical Solutions is comprised of graduate level education and MBA professionals with Lean management and Six Sigma certifications.

Jetco Medical Solutions does the heavy lifting

Jetco Medical Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Consultative process efficiency

We have valued Partners and Advisors who are trusted.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for personalized drug therapies

We utilize "next generation" sequencing technology.

Transdermal Pain Medication

Custom Compounded Medications

Operations Improvement Analysis

Balanced solutions for doctors

We Develop adjunct treatments for patients "best of life solutions"

We understand, because we have actual experience.

Jetco Solutions

Six Sigma

Key Differences

Consulting based advisement for workflow, product , and profit efficiency

Utilize Six Sigma & Lean Management models for improvement in treatment and resources

Detailed Quality Control Process

Clinical Care Advisement Program

Multiple Top Tier verticals for Doctors revenue growth

Our Specialties

Multiple avenues for process improvement and efficiency.

Optimal options to provide patients with "improved quality of life."

Continuous development for products and services to assist in treatment of patients.

Operations Improvement analysis with analysis and software integration solutions.

Physicians Desktop & Patient data compilation integration.

Medical Solutions

A consultative bridge between Doctors and better business solutions..

Jetco SolutionsJetco Medical Solutions provides doctors and staff with superior healthcare solutions through our extensive knowledge and research on process efficiency, workflow management, and improved patient quality of life. One of our key focus' has been to research different products and services that both the patient and the doctors desire and providing several solutions of such that assure that the company or service provider utilize "best practices" model for quality and efficiency, keeping the patient treatment as top priority.